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Recently, I started working more closely than ever with the social media team at Khatabook. By ‘working closely’, I mean, getting my hands dirty by taking up execution, deep-diving into the creation of social media calendars, boosting, analytics — even captions!

Although I never held any reservations about Social Media Marketing, the experience of working with a more hands-on approach on it unlocked a whole new worldview for me. I realised that while peeking into this world of posts and stories from the window of my phone, I was barely noticing the hard work that it takes to make it…

[Trigger warning: Mental health, pet-induced anxiety, postnatal depression and adoption guilt have been touched upon.]

(I couldn’t find a single article for solace when I was dealing with the anxiety of adopting a pet. I didn’t know until I researched to write this article that I was going through “dog-adoption guilt”. So here I am sharing my experience with pet parents. If the thought of returning your pup has crossed your mind, don’t judge yourself. You’re not alone and it’s okay to feel that way. You love your pet and want the best for them. Read on.)

I was going…

The line differentiating work from life can be thin & blurry. Sometimes invisible. But it is there. And here’s how to emphasise it.

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If you are sold to the idea that Work-Life balance is bullshit and that it shouldn’t be called what it’s called because work is part of life, you probably love what you do and don’t need any time off. You’re probably also a stakeholder and thus discriminating in work hours and after-work hours isn’t your thing.

But drawing the line has its own benefits and if you have decided to find a balance, here’s what you need…

A series of articles motivating you, a Monday at a time!

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Friction has a funny way of budding in workplace. Disagreements, suggestions, moving desks, being a jerk, anything can lead to people rubbing each other up the wrong way. Sometimes things escalate to a point where managers or HR can intervene but mostly they remain unspoken.

In any case, whether you have a problem with someone or it’s the other way around, you have to keep the friction from affecting your work and behaviour.

3 Golden Rules to Deal with Workplace Friction

1. Don’t be a Jerk — Introspect genuinely to see if you are rude, cranky or cheeky.

Having a bad day, going through a rough patch, arrogance coming from years of experience, etc…

A series of articles motivating you, a Monday at a time!

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It’s no secret that we hate Mondays. In fact we hate them so much, Sunday evenings sometimes start with Monday blues.

The problem with Monday is that it follows the weekend and breaks a streak of napping and lazing and snoozing and boozing. Also mostly, it marks the beginning of a work-week. (#BuzzKillMondays)

If you often find yourself forcefully dragging your ass to work on a Monday (or everyday!) while low-key praying that you didn’t have to, then here’s just what you need.

4 Ways You Can Motivate Yourself to Go to Work.

Number 1: Recall your 1st Day…


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